Satirical Stargazers

Satirical StargazersOnce, my sister complained that two of my characters changed sides on a table with no explanation. So here: Becky is gradually changing places with Whiskers from the first to the 3rd frame. More frames and I could change her back again. Now if I could just get the speech bubbles in the right order, I could go out for syndication. (By the way, those trucks disappeared at least 10 years ago now.)

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Drawn by Me, Inspired by Bob

My boyfriend’s friend Bob wrote a story about discovering a pirate ship in his land-locked, frozen-over hometown. When he read me the part about delving deep with in the ship and rummaging through the rum, this is the image that popped in my head:

Misconstruing Pirate

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Couldn’t Stay Off the Birdwire

Last year about this time I was trying to read a dry old tome about writing and drawing comic strips, which I soon ditched for Scott McLeod’s much flashier Making Comics. The dry old tome did have one good bit of advice though: stay off the desert island. That is, don’t gravitate toward over-used settings, scenarios, or plots. Well, I managed to stay off the desert island all this time, but then I felt the tug of that old cliched birdwire. No one is perfect in comics, least of all me!

Birdwire Dissent

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Shakespeare vs. Seamonster

Sorry it’s been so long since my last Shakespeare post. You can catch up on the rest of the story (so far) at these links: , , , ,

Look for more entries coming soon!

Seamonster Shakespear 1Shakespear Seamonster 2Shakespear Seamonster 3Seamonster Shakespear 4Shakespear Seamonster 5Seamonster Shakespear 6

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Mondern Treats Musings

Om Nom Nunchucks

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Short on Gas and Well Under the Radar

Honda Blip 1Honda Blip 2Honda Blip 3

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Winter’s Aftermath: The Newscast

My boyfriend and I are playing with the sense of relief everybody feels after a wrathful winter such as the one we just had. Sadly not the best lighting, but we gave it our all with the script.

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