Short on Gas and Well Under the Radar

Honda Blip 1Honda Blip 2Honda Blip 3

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Winter’s Aftermath: The Newscast

My boyfriend and I are playing with the sense of relief everybody feels after a wrathful winter such as the one we just had. Sadly not the best lighting, but we gave it our all with the script.

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Library Gets the Long Form

(Disclaimer: The following conversation did NOT happen at the small, residential-area library where I work. At least it didn’t happen word for word. Sure would be funny if it did though.)


Ring! Ring!

Good afternoon Win . . .

Hi, this is Ms. Longform with the U.S. Census. How many people live at this address?

None. This is a . . .

None? How many people frequent the address?

Well, ten staff members, eight Friends, six board members, and hundreds of patrons.

But nobody lives there?

No. This . . .

How many bathrooms do you have?

Four. This is . . .

How many computers do you have?

Sixteen. This is a . . .

Library computer users

Wow! So sixteen computers, four bathrooms, dozens of people in and out every day, and nobody lives there?

That’s right. This is a library.

A li-berry?


Winnebago Library

Does this mean the hootinanny’s off?

‘Fraid so.


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Al Mace’s New Pitch

Al Mace 1Al Mace 2

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Happy 110th Dr. Seuss!

A possible (Seussical) explanation of how some people get to be so disagreeable.

Green Eggs and Ham My Way

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March and Its Kin

I know, I know – it’s “in like a lion, out like a lamb”. But sometimes March acts confused, coming in with fair weather and hanging around until mid-April with flurries and slush. One comparison isn’t enough. Hence, my boyfriend and I made this video about the inanimate objects of March.

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Kitty Love

Sweetheart Kitties 1Sweetheart Kitties 2

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