Need a last minute gift for your cat? Knit her a wooly nipper mouse!


Materials: A small amount of old wool yarn, preferably in a color you’d never wear.

                  Grey, black, or brown felt and scraps of blue, black, and brown yarn.

                  Fiber fill and a pinch of dried catnip.

Cast on fifteen stitches, leaving a long tail. Work in stocking stitch, increasing two stitches every knit row until you have twenty three stitches. Work six rows, and then start decreasing two stitches every knit row until only four remain. Cut yarn, leaving a long tail, and draw the end through the four stitches twice. Sew on eyes, nose, and felt ears securely. Tie on whiskers under the nose if desired. Use felt for the ears and yarn scraps for the other features. With a number seven crochet hook, make a chain out of the end tail, starting at the base of the work and extending about three inches. Finish chain and break of yarn. Using the front tail, sew up the body of the mouse, leaving the back end open. Stuff the mouse with fiber fill and a generous pinch of dried catnip. Sew up the back of the mouse, drawing the top and bottom stitches together if desired. Weave in the end securely along the bottom seam.

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