Birthday Present Pie

I’m starting a new challenge for myself: post every day for a week, Sunday-Sunday, this week only as they say in the ads. Look for these posts either here, on my knittedrose blog, or maybe, on my spanishmajor blog. I’ll provide links for those. That said, here’s my Monday post. Tuesday’s will be along in a few hours.

Ever since my dad turned 65, I’ve made him one of these every birthday and Father’s Day

The recipie is fairly simple. I use the same crust as for the pumpkin pie I posted here a few months ago and prepared cherry pie filling. To make double-sure your prepared filling doesn’t gush out when you cut the pie, you can thicken it with a tablespoon of cornstarch and a tablespoon of sugar. (I usually omit the sugar as Dad doesn’t like overly sweet pies.) Cook this mixture over low heat, stirring gently and constantly until the cornstarch cooks in and the filling takes on a lighter color. This process isn’t really as tricky as it sounds. Just remember to keep the filling from sticking to the pan.

The end result:

A gush-free birthday


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