I Promised Someone on FP a “Superdawgs” Post, So Here It Is!

(For those of you who have already been to Superdawgs or watched “A Hot Dog” program multiple times on PBS, just scroll to the end of this post where I’ve conveniently placed a vegetarian-friendly bonus image.)

Here it is, Chicago’s own Superdawgs!

I had wanted to visit this place for 10 years and was thrilled when my dad finally took me in the Spring of 2009. He’d never been either and also enjoyed the experience.

Superdawgs always looks big and impressive in pictures and on TV thanks to these giant rooftop mascots, Maurie and Florie. They really aren’t that overpowering in person, but that doesn’t detract from Superdawgs’ charm.

At heart, it’s just a friendly little neighborhood drive-in! It’s so close to the residential areas that a lot of customers just walk there. There’s always a line too, even during major city events.

They sure pack a lot of food into these little boxes! The dogs were the best I’ve ever eaten, their own blend. They sell souvenirs there too.

I already dropped a few hints as to what day of the year I visited Superdawgs. You guessed right – St. Patrick’s Day! The holiday itself fell in the middle of the week, and I always thought they had the parade then or on Sunday, but it turned out to be Saturday instead. My dad didn’t anticipate it either, but thankfully he was relatively unphased by all the crowds and traffic, even when we had to walk 17 blocks to get to the art museum. We got to take in the entire parade along the way, something I’d always wanted to do.

It’s not easy being green. The same goes for getting a good view of the festivities. Kermit gracefully manages both.

Now, for those who would rather eat something green . . .

“Attention Earthlings: We come in peace.”


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