Festival of Lights in Chicago

Disclaimer: I am NOT a lousy photographer. I just bought this camera the day before the festival and didn’t know how to use it that well yet.

The first stop on the Festival of Lights tour was Water Tower Place. Even though I live nearby, I’d never been there before. It was a busy day for shopping, and everybody and their brother wanted pictures with Sheriff Woody by the Lego store. Here’s my attempt.

Lego Indiana Jones turned out much better.

This eight-story wonder also houses American Girl Place,which had a huge tree decorated with miniature AG dolls and books. Wish I could have gotten a picture of that!

I did get a shot of this cute little castle by the park.

Carriage ride down Michigan Avenue anyone?

These were super hard to photograph!

My camera had a “Food Mode” that I couldn’t resist trying out, but if a sandwich is important enough to have it’s picture taken, shouldn’t it have a name?

 Meet Stanley, the “skinny” mushroom melt from Potbelly’s.

I took many pictures of Christmas trees, but this one was the only one that turned out, probably due to its lack of blurry lights.

This even included a parade, but it was virtually impossible to photograph because of all the crowds. We had to stand up in a store window just to see it!

Here are some more scences from Michigan Ave.:

I forget which store it was, but it had a whole window display of old Singers – reaching up several stories. These are just a few out of that collection.

I cheated here and asked someone else to take the picture for me.

Come live like a Chicagoan? No thanks. I’ll go so far as to back the Cubs, but I won’t live in the city. Too much congestion and stress.

I’d be up for another trip in though.

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