Balance Beam Cats

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while now. My two cats are not always the best of friends. Usually they don’t even want to share the sofa, but two weeks ago today, they thought it would be a good idea to practice sharing the banister.












It’s not uncommon to find one cat on the banister, usually Precious. Jenny is almost too big to fit, but this time she managed to claw her way up from the straight piece in the corner while Precious wasn’t looking.











“Oh, hi Jenny.”










I’m sorry these aren’t better-quality pictures. Cats act fast and don’t care about posing, so I’m lucky I got any shots at all.










Precious is ready to leap! Sadly, the action shot was accidentally deleted.

Some readers might wonder how we got this feline pair, so I’ll give a brief history. Jenny joined the family when I was 20, partially as a result of my sister leaving for college. We went down to Noah’s Ark, a local no-kill animal shelter, and just picked out the most adoptable kitten. At first, we thought she was a Siamese mix, but she was oddly built and oddly quiet to fit that bill. After some more research, we found out she’s actually part Birman, a rare, gentle, and highly sought-after breed. She’s so smart that she’ll figure out a toy and grow bored of it long before most cats would tire of jumping on it. That makes it hard for us to coax her into exercising.

Precious is just your average barn/stray cat. The person who originally rescued her, her mother, and her litter-mates was afraid they would outlive her, so she adopted out the kittens. Precious races around the house for no particular reason, shreds fingers, chews paper, and “drowns” her toy mice in her water dish almost every night. She’s living proof that you can take the cat out of the barn, but you can’t take the barn out of the cat.

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2 Responses to Balance Beam Cats

  1. Precious lets humans think she is dumb untill she has them trained.

  2. And Jen is a big lovey sweetheart.

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