Best Ever Christmas Gift

Santa Delivers and Important Gift

Dear Readers,

I know I’ve already done a Christmas post this year, but I just had to show you a picture of this beautiful, meaningful tree ornament. By way of a disclaimer, I  didn’t grow up believing in Santa Claus. We still read Santa books and watched Santa cartoons but only as fairy tales, not true explanations of how presents came to be. Like many people, I’m a little tired of seeing Santa every time I turn around for at least two months out of the year. I’d thought I’d seen just about every rendition of Mr. Holly Jolly out there, until my mom brought this ornament home last week. His clothes and bag look just like any other Santa’s, but in his arms, instead of a puppy or a bottle of Coke, he holds a perfect little lamb. This lamb isn’t for Christmas dinner or fleece next spring, it’s a symbol of the greatest gift ever: the Christ child. Toys and candy in the back, Lamb front and center: isn’t this the way Christmas should be? Apparently, even Santa thinks so.

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2 Responses to Best Ever Christmas Gift

  1. Love that thought – “Toys and candy in the back, Lamb front and center.” Gorgeous. 🙂

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