Musings from a Job-Starved City: Don’t Let Korona Slip you a Micky this New Year’s

Disclaimer: I don’t drink. Nor do I live in the worst city in the world. It’s only the 9th worst in this country by last count. Not bad, but we could do better. We could do much better if it wasn’t for a man by the unfortunate name of Pablo Korona. (I’ve already written about him once, but that was before I came up with this slogan, so bear with me.)


Korona is a most talented soul in every manner except telling the truth. Honesty is not his gift. I have no doubt that fuzzy bikes, organic farms, Mars Rover engineers, and Emily Bear exist in my town, but I’ve never personally seen any of these phenomenons. Most of us can’t think about decorating bikes, planting vegetables, or taking piano lessons, because we’re all too broke or too busy looking for work. Yet Korona would have everyone think that “real Rockfordians” have it made, that we don’t need any government or charitable help, because this is the land of milk, honey, and space engineers, right?

No, it’s not. And no, I am not just complaining that it’s not either. I have plenty of ideas on how to improve this town, if anyone’s listening. I have plenty of ability to work for improvement, if anyone’s hiring. So this New Year, I resolve to keep my friends close, and my enemies closer. Any time Korona wants to interview me, he’s welcome to. I’ll be waiting right here with the truth.

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9 Responses to Musings from a Job-Starved City: Don’t Let Korona Slip you a Micky this New Year’s

  1. pezcita says:

    My family all can’t stand this post. They think I am a bad reflection on them because I hate Wreckford so much. I pity them for having such a mindset. If they’ve really sank to the level that they are where they are (which is now the 3rd most miserable city in America) how can I do any more damage?

  2. Pablo Korona says:

    I think there are many stories for a community, and that one story — or even your story — doesn’t define a community. I’m cautious to say that I’m telling “Wreckford” ‘s Story, because who am I? I tell stories of people. People make up a community.

    I’d love to buy you a cup of coffee.

    • pezcita says:

      Wow, you found a post I thought I had deleted ages ago! I noticed more balanced storytelling in 2013, and I meant to delete this post back then. Apparently, I forgot to. I’m sorry I didn’t (especially since this is far from my best drawing). So much has changed in the last five years! I’m still looking for work, but the prospects are surprisingly better. I don’t know why that is. Do you know why? I would still like to meet you.

  3. pezcita says:

    There is one, unfortunately in the same vein. It’s called “Stop in the Name of Dorthea Lang”. The only part of that one I ever really liked was the unemployment line in the last panel. I’m much better at figure drawing now, but then again, I rarely try to draw four in one panel. That was the only comic strip set specifically in Rockford. Two others (“Feline Friendly Facebook App” and “Ghostbusters Attacking me at Work”) are set in Winnebago. I live between the two cities. It feels strange talking about these strips because I drew them so long ago. I’m attempting to get a more serious artistic venture off the ground now, which I’m calling Sparrow’s Dive. I am forcing myself to draw them in order, so it’s taking longer. Sparrow’s Dive is a thinly disguised version of Rockford, which brings me to a funny story about the pivotal second strip. It takes place outside an abandoned factory that will be more of a character than a setting as the plot unfolds. Amerok was the first factory that comes to mind, as I see it most frequently. I needed something older, so I went with Rockford Furniture Company instead. It burned down the week after I drew it. Maybe it will live on in this comic strip? I have plans to given it a pseudo-scientific quirk for good measure.

  4. Mossy says:

    I know things about Mr Paul Dyer.

  5. pezcita says:

    What did you have in mind? Without giving you my entire life story, I should say that I’m in a much different place than when I drew this strip. I’ve had a lot of major life changes (not all bad) and several nasty depressions since I last penned a Sparrow’s Dive strip almost a year ago. I was going to do them in order up to 24 and then submit them for web syndication.

    However, when you said “Let’s start a fire”, it got me thinking about a parody song I want to do. A couple of years ago, I had the vain idea that I was the next Weird Al or something. I did one song for Youtube called “The Superbowl Sigh”, a parody of the Superbowl Shuffle. The video was soon taken down for copyright reasons (oops, didn’t think of that) but the related comic strip is still on this site. I wanted to do one about Svengoolie and one about “We Didn’t Start the Fire” called “We Didn’t Start To Fire”. That was supposed to be an antiviolence anthem for my generation, but I see no reason why it couldn’t be about Rockford. Another idea that I never had the discipline to complete was a parody picture book called “I Can’t Believe I Saw it on Auburn Street”. That I would actually complete if I could think of enough material. (It hits closest to home and has not yet been “transformed”.) Let me know your thoughts.

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