One Week to Top Them All

So this past week I decided not to draw. Not even to pick up a pencil. It’s happened before, but not on purpose. Drawing was distracting from other things I should be doing, like reading or helping my family with a few odd jobs for a change. Let me tell you how that went.

Monday: I Googled this wonderful free audio program to transfer some old tapes, only to find out too late that I was downloading the spam version. Delete did nothing. Uninstall only got me so far. I went to work and later to bed with the problem unsolved and the tapes totally forgotten.

Tuesday: Determined not to unload the sick computer on my Dad, I returned to the hair of the dog that bit me. Google (arf arf) told me to restart the computer in some kind of safe mode and then do something I’ve now forgotten, because it didn’t work either. Plus, safe mode made all the icons chunky and toddlerish. My computer now looked like it was hacked by these guys:

Usual Suspects

Lineup of usual suspects.

Anyway, “Safe Mode with Networking” provided me with a way to go back in time, which fixed that problem.

Wednesday: It snowed Tuesday night, and I forget to allow myself extra time to get to  work. Going 55 on the highway, I meet up with a patch of black ice. It’s a little like being on the Tilt-a-Whirl, except you know it’s not going to stop until you hit something.

Thank you snowbank for being a relatively soft something.


$125 and one hour later I am pulled out and finally on my way to work, narrowly missing a ticket that would’ve ruined me financially. Work is deserted because everyone thinks we’re closed. I spend the evening digging snow out of my engine compartment so it doesn’t freeze solid.

Thursday: Went OK, except for absent-mindedly unplugging the Wi-Fi on some lovely people who have control over my employment.

Friday: This was the exception. Went out for Swedish pancakes and meatballs with my boyfriend – YUM!

Saturday: Went to Wal-Mart in a snowstorm to shop for groceries. This canned soup better taste good after risking a repeat of Wednesday to get it.

Sunday: Good, but also boring. I went out for tea and reflected on all my accomplishments for the week: cutting the songs those tapes, putting them on the i-pod I won at a school function five years ago, getting within 20 pages of finishing that book I started months ago, and making four hats with defective yarn. The conclusion? You may bet the farm that I will draw THIS week.

farm to bet

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