Digs Burton Backstory

Set in the post-industrial fallout of the current Midwestern USA (specifically in the fictional city of Sparrow’s Dive) Digs Burton is the story of hope, humor, and urban renewal – we think.


Long time Sparrow’s Dive, IL resident Jay Wriveara decides to buy up the old Bolt Core factory and turn it into a theater, but will he have the old dump renovated in time to meet the city’s 90 day deadline? He does have help:


Annabel – Jay’s ever-cynical wife who, at the very least, keeps the project moving.


Becky – Jay’s energetic daughter who will try anything. She’s the one with the long hair.


Whiskers – Becky’s long time friend, who helps out around Digs Burton because she apparently has nothing else to do.


Tim – Jay’s kid brother who participates in many Digs Burton sketches and has a fetish for fake mustaches.


Rose – Jay’s kid sister


Mike – Jay’s older brother and a devout Bear’s fan.

William Cabrero – The mayor of Sparrow’s Dive, IL


 Jet – A wiley, destructive feline who forcefully adopts Jay
Maggie – The typical cute kitty Anabel adopted to help keep Digs Burton free of mice
(OK, but that’s all fantasy. The name Digs Burton started as a secret nickname for my college’s library.)

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