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“Ah, the Latest Popeal!”

Those are the words my dad always chooses to describe the dozens of fadish gadgets that spring up on our TV screen during the holidays (a.k.a infomercial season). I’m not exactly sure what a “popeal” is, but this thing just … Continue reading

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Back Up off the Couch and Ready to Mispronounce The World

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The Only Thing We Have to Fear Is “Fear Not”

In my family, it’s pretty much a given that when Mom frets, Dad says “fear not”. Over the years, this expression has morphed from biblical injunction to dreaded jinx.

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Satirical Stargazers

Once, my sister complained that two of my characters changed sides on a table with no explanation. So here: Becky is gradually changing places with Whiskers from the first to the 3rd frame. More frames and I could change her … Continue reading

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Drawn by Me, Inspired by Bob

My boyfriend’s friend Bob wrote a story about discovering a pirate ship in his land-locked, frozen-over hometown. When he read me the part about delving deep with in the ship and rummaging through the rum, this is the image that … Continue reading

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Couldn’t Stay Off the Birdwire

Last year about this time I was trying to read a dry old tome about writing and drawing comic strips, which I soon ditched for Scott McLeod’s much flashier Making Comics. The dry old tome did have one good bit … Continue reading

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Shakespeare vs. Seamonster

Sorry it’s been so long since my last Shakespeare post. You can catch up on the rest of the story (so far) at these links: , , , , Look for more entries coming soon!

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