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Why Graduate When You Have No Choice But to Dive?

                  I imagine some of you attended talks and ceremonies over the weekend that fell in the “You Can Change the World” category. Your parents and grandparents also heard such speeches. Before … Continue reading

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Don and Sancho can’t wait to party at the end of the semester – Not yet fellas!

I’m still working on my senior thesis about these two. When it’s done, I plan to put it on my “spanish major” blog, complete with various illustrations. Next week, it’s back to Sparrow’s Dive.

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Don Quixote in 14 Words – Not Mine!

I’m currently working on my own cartoon about Don and Sancho, but in the meantime, I thought I’d upload this one. I found it over a year ago on a long-forgotten website, printed it out, translated it, and added color. … Continue reading

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